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New Thai salad dish with Oumph! now at Busaba

Thanks to the popularity of the two existing plant-based Oumph! dishes at Busaba Eathai, the London eatery has added a new Thai salad with Oumph! to their vegan menu offering.

The Yam Pak Crispy Soya features Oumph! The Chunk, and is mixed with crispy vegetables and mixed leaves. The peanut dressing adds crunchiness, alongside a range of spicy, sweet and sour flavours.

“The new salads are seasonal, healthy and lighter options for warmer and sunnier days. Our new Thai salads are nutritionally balanced and packed with flavour to emphasise Busaba’s living ethos, ‘Sookjai’ which means ‘happy heart’ and encourages guests to enjoy and savour good quality food and ingredients for optimal wellbeing”, says Terry Harrison, Managing Director at Busaba.

The Yam Pack Crispy Soya dish is the third Oumph! dish on Busaba’s menu. Last year they launched a plant-based version of their signature dish Thai Soyamari, followed by the Vegan Weeping Tiger Jay, which is a marinated triple cooked Oumph! in a dark soya and ginger sauce with green beans, spring onion, Chinese chives and red chilli.

Terry Harrison adds:

“All the dishes featuring Oumph! have been instant successes with our regular guests”. “Oumph! is an amazing soya meat replacement that is versatile and works very well for creating delicious dishes”.

Dave Smith, Head of UK Foodservice at Oumph! and Food for Progress comments:

“I am delighted that Busaba now feature three Oumph! dishes on their menu. It shows that the ever-increasing number of vegetarians, vegans and flexitarians cannot be ignored. Oumph! is such a versatile ingredient that adds value to any menu.”


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