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Taiwan by Bike: Across the island in 9 days

On this new cycling tour of Taiwan, guests will bike the length of the country, from the northern capital, Taipei, to the southern tip.  Bikers will ride past emerald-coloured rice paddies and Taoist temples dedicated to the sea-god Matsu.

Along the way, they’ll take in the sheer beauty of Eastern Taiwan’s rugged Pacific Coast, with pristine beaches, exotic hot springs, and gorgeous valleys, including the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Taroko Gorge.

“This classic cycling route takes us from Taroko Gorge down along the coast and into the lush East Rift Valley before we re-emerge on the rugged Pacific East Coast,” said Adam Platt-Hepworth, CEO of Grasshopper Adventures.  “Along the way, we’ll hike to the beautiful Shakadang Stream, cycle narrow paths through banana palms to the coast for a beachside rest stop, and pedal into the little-visited East Rift Valley full of vibrant rice paddies and small communities.”

Offering unparalleled scenery and challenging terrain, Taiwan draws more and more visitors from across the globe each year. Riders will visit the striking Saoba Monuments and hike along the Walami Trail to spot wildlife. They’ll take a rest day to enjoy the beach of Dulan before the final leg of the ride along the dramatic coastal cliffs and then inland across the mountains to Kenting in the tropical south. 

“Whether marvelling at the sheer power of the Pacific Ocean, soaking away the stresses of life in one of the island’s numerous hot springs, or slurping down a hearty bowl of delicious noodles, Taiwan assaults the senses and leaves guests hungry for more,” said Platt-Hepworth. 

Tour Highlights:

  • Cycling through the dramatic Taroko Gorge on part of the famous King of the Mountain route
  • Viewing monkeys, deer, eagles and Formosan black bears on a hike into the Central Mountain Range on the Walami Trail
  • Pedalling through the lush East Rift Valley into the jungle then past gorgeous beaches to Dulan
  • Soaking up the sun and swimming in the bright blue waters of the Pacific Ocean 

About Grasshopper Adventures: Grasshopper Adventures is a cycling and active travel specialist, headquartered in Bangkok. They host more than 25,000 travellers of all ages and abilities, on tours ranging from one day to two weeks in Japan, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, China, Uzbekistan, Taiwan, Bhutan & Myanmar. 

For more information, visit https://www.grasshopperadventures.com/multi-day-cycling-tours/bike-taiwan-tour/.

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