British craftsmanship is open for business

If you are on the discovery for British Craftsmanship then on the 11th-14th April will be showcasing over 30 British craftsmanship brands at a four day PopUP just off Brick Lane in Shoreditch, London.

It is an absolute travesty that our government and the opposition have let down British business and manufacturing by creating uncertainty.

Well, Sir Gordon is saying bollocks to that. And on the exact day that Brexit D-Day is supposed to happen 12th April, we will be opening our doors at 63 Hanbury Street to show the world why British manufacturing and craftsmanship will not take be beaten by serial and career politicians.

So much love, passion and graft goes into not only making beautiful products, but also making sure the market is there too. It is a constant struggle, yet Brexit has turned British business into an international embarrassment.

Neil Elliot Co founder of said ‘The politicians should be shouting to the world how great British craftsmanship and manufacturing is instead of posturing and shouting at each other. If the political class won’t shout about it, it is up to us and the brands we represent.’


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