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Wreath Making Delivered launches three new designs to celebrate their fifth year of Christmas crafting experiences

Connecting through nature has always been at the heart of Wreath Making Delivered’s beautifully packaged Christmas craft boxes. Their expertly selected foliages are sourced directly from farms local to their south-coast HQs and delivered straight to front doors across the UK. Their natural, foliage led designs tap into a creative, festive flare whilst giving wreath makers a real appreciation for the beauty that nature brings to our lives – something that many of us have come to treasure through periods of isolation and lockdown.

We caught up with Jo, the founder of both Wreath Making Delivered and it’s sister company Columbia Creative (established 2013) to find out what to expect from WMD this Christmas; “we’ve all missed socialising with our friends, family and colleagues this year and here at Wreath Making Delivered, we have the complete package to help you spend a couple of hours of shared festive fun with each other. We deliver all the materials required for each of your party to make their own luxury Christmas wreath at home while you follow our pre-recorded online video tutorial together”.

This year Jo’s been busy developing three inspiring new designs that will be delivered across their portfolio of festive wreath making products. Taking pride of place on Wreath Making Delivered HQ’s front door, the earthy textures and frosty tones of their new Nordic Wreath invites the spirit of Christmas in the mountains. The Rose Gold wreath glistens with an explosion of fun through contemporary metallics and pinks. For those looking for something more classic, the dried fruit and spice-laden Traditional Wreath oozes Christmas through bold colours and warm tones.

The three new designs, which are available for pre-order now, will be delivered from Friday 27th November onwards, just in time to bring some festive cheer to the last weekend of lockdown.
The workshop is packed floor to ceiling with pinecones, eucalyptus, foliage, ribbon, and everything else that’s placed into each and every box by Jo’s family team as Wreath Making Delivered prepares for their busiest season yet. There are up to 10 different types of foliage included in each of the six luxury wreaths designs. Jo is working behind the scenes on all the preparation and planning that goes on before customers receive their wreath crafting boxes – from sourcing, sorting, packing and delivering, this is an impressive logistical operation!

For those looking for more of an interactive experience, sister company Columbia Creative’s workshops will be moving from their usual London venues and instead, delivered online as live-virtual workshops. Their florists will be facilitating workshops in much the same format as they have done at their in-person events for the past eight years, just with a virtual twist! These workshops will last 1.5 hours and are available at various dates & times throughout December.

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