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Sorakami’s new online subscription service will make you fall in love with Japanese sake.

Sorakami is the first dedicated online shop for premium craft Japanese sake in the UK. International Sake Sommelier, Robin Sola, founded the company after more than five years living in Japan. His goal is to change the way UK consumers perceive and drink sake by making it simple, fun and available. The company is currently part of the London Business School Incubator programme.

Sorakami’s subscription service delivers customers a sommelier-curated bottle of premium sake every month. Each bottle is accompanied by tasting notes and their unique “Sake Review” magazine, the destination for all things sake and Japan. On top of that, each subscriber benefits from special pricing on the online shop.

The company aims to fix two of the most significant problems Japanese sake encounters in the UK; the misconceptions and confusion surrounding the drink and the lack of premium bottles made available to the consumer, especially outside London.

“Sorakami makes choosing and drinking great sake hassle-free. All our bottles have been hand-picked by our sommelier and come from the finest craft breweries in Japan.” – Robin Sola, Founder.

“I want everyone to experience the epiphany I had in Japan when I first tried premium craft sake. Sorakami was born so that everyone can discover and enjoy this delicious new world of flavours from the comfort of their home” – Robin Sola, Founder.

“There are some sakes available in the UK, but most of them are mass-produced by big breweries. Our sake comes from small artisanal breweries which are still family-owned. They produce, in my opinion, the best sake in the world.” – Robin Sola, Founder.

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