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AIRE Ancient Baths London, set to open near Covent Garden this summer

AIRE Ancient Baths reveals the launch of its first property in London, centrally located near to Covent Garden in summer 2021, in time for when the UK restrictions are lifted and a sense of freedom returns.

Inspired by the tradition of bathing in Ancient Greek, Roman and Ottoman civilisations, AIRE Ancient Baths London reimagines the classic tradition of the thermal baths in a contemporary fashion. AIRE offers unique relaxation experiences, providing massages and luxurious rituals all whilst maintaining the essence of its original wellness concept.

AIRE experiences are world-renowned and take place in restored historical buildings in outstanding cities and locations across the globe such as New York, Barcelona, and now London.

The space: a historic location from the XVIII century

AIRE Ancient Baths London will be a tranquil oasis for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of London life, situated within a few minutes’ walk of some of London’s greatest landmarks, Trafalgar Square and Covent Garden.

The company has chosen an emblematic historic building in no 2-3 Robert Street. Between the Strand, Victoria Embankment Garden and Charing Cross lies Adelphi, where Robert Street is located. The area as we know it today is the legacy of the XVIII century’s most renowned architect siblings, the Adam brothers. The name ‘Adelphi’ is Greek for ‘siblings’ and is indicative of the brothers’ collaboration in designing the new area. Famed for their elegant, neoclassical influenced constructions that were inspired by the Grand Tour travels of Robert Adam, their work defined the riverside area making Adelphi an ideal setting.

As time went on, the building became the place where Scottish novelist and playwright J.M. Barrie would live, best remembered as writer of Peter Pan.

Image courtesy of AIRE Ancient Baths

Wellness experiences: a luxurious temple dedicated to relaxation with signature rituals

AIRE Ancient Baths is inspired by the Greek, Roman and Ottoman legacy of baths and relaxation through the water. Visitors can look forward to unwinding in various thermal baths with varying temperatures, massages, and exceptional wellness experiences.

The temple has been designed with the sole purpose of creating absolute ease, calm and balance of both body and mind with 14.000 sq. ft (1.300m2) of area. Guests will embark on an unforgettable journey of sensations through the contrasts between the warm water bath of the Tepidarium (36o), the Caldarium (40o) and the cold of the Frigidarium (14o) besides the mythical steam bath or Vaporium, the bath of thousand jets or Balneum and the glorious salt bath or Flotarium; the best place to truly let go and submit to the magical feeling of floating. All massage treatments include the experience in the Ancient thermal baths.

Pure silence, the dim light of dozens of candles and the velvety whisper of soothing melodies that can even be heard under the water are key elements of the AIRE Experience, as well as its exclusive relaxing body massages and sophisticated rituals. Signature experiences that will be offered in the London property include:

The Himalayan Salt Experience

The Himalayan Salt Experience is a rejuvenating body treatment. This three-hour signature experience combines the Ancient Thermal Bath circuit, the Himalayan body scrub and a relaxing 60-min body massage with hot Himalayan salt stones. The pure pink salt has detoxifying, energising and stress-relieving properties and is created in the remote Himalayan mountains. Prices from £270 pp.

The Wine Ritual

The Wine Ritual is a unique relaxing experience where visitors are completely submerged in the antioxidant properties of the Spanish Ribera del Duero red grapes. The three-hour experience includes a private immersion into red wine in a historical tub, a grape seed oil massage and the Ancient Thermal Bath Experience. Prices from £450 pp.

The story: a company with international presence and Spanish roots

As soon as guests enter AIRE Ancient Baths London, they are met with the beautiful scent of orange blossom to transport them to the heart of Andalucía. The first location for the company was the city of Sevilla in 2004 and AIRE’s founders aim to connect visitors with these Spanish roots.

Amadeo Serra, CEO of AIRE Ancient Baths: “The idea to create AIRE Ancient Baths was born in Sevilla almost twenty years ago with the objective of recuperating an ancient tradition that had been lost throughout the centuries. We are very excited about opening a new AIRE in London, one of the leading cities in the world. We believe we have found the perfect location, right in the heart of central London, an area recognised on a worldwide scale for its culture, architecture, and history. We are confident that AIRE Ancient Baths London will add a new proposition for Londoners and visitors to UK capital, and become a place of reference for those seeking luxury indulgence, rest and relaxation”.

The company has an international presence with seven established spa centres and the soon-to-open London property in summer 2021.

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